In a context driven by continuous improvement, the quality management approach for all SERMA Microelectronics sites is based on ISO 9001 certification.

In addition, to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our customers and also to guarantee the performance level of our organisation and the degree of control over our processes, our procedural baseline is shifting to incorporate the additional requirements of the EN 9100 standard.


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SERMA Microelectronics is committed to complying with and promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy driven by SERMA Group, with its related values channelled into 4 strategic areas:

  • Develop innovative products and processes while striving to minimise environmental impacts
  • Cascade our requirements and those of our customers to our suppliers and partners
  • Develop a team of high-performing personnel who fully support the Group’s integrity-based culture
  • Give priority to exchanges among all stakeholders, guaranteeing they obtain the level of performance they expect in terms of quality, security and cost

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