About the company

SERMA Microelectronics produces Hi-Rel components and hybrid objects based on customer specifications, using its proprietary technological building blocks.

The company is specialised in microelectronics assembly (standard or custom packages), the production of hybrids and MCM and the manufacture of ceramic substrates using thick-film technology.

Created by the merger of the companies HCM and SYSTREL, it supports its customers throughout the entire production process, from the wafer stage (cutting, storage, chip inspection) to final testing of packages and hybrids.

We are particularly focused on markets with severe environmental constraints (space industry, implanted medical devices, aeronautics and defence sectors, nuclear industry, etc.). We are here to support you right from the earliest stages (co-design, technological choices, CAD, etc.) and we offer you a comprehensive service: production of substrates, procurement management, wafer cutting and storage, visual inspection of chips, assembly and final testing (screening, batch qualification).

Depending on your specifications describing the requirements, we offer you innovative packaging solutions based on tried and tested technological building blocks.