Power modules

Among the many technological issues of our time, power electronics and the integration of combined layouts (digital/analogue/power) in a single module constitute some of the strategic challenges facing our customers.

Current trends in certain markets, such as aeronautics, moving towards an increasingly “fly-by-wire aircraft” in order to reduce mass have led to the replacement of hydraulic systems by electrical systems controlled by power semi-conductors.

The use of these devices in severe environments has led to an increase in the operating temperatures of the electronic components involved, which in turn generates reliability problems with which industrial players are not very familiar. At the same time, dissipaters that are capable of releasing heat loss are expected to be smaller and integrated into the modules.

SERMA Microelectronics provides solutions via the implementation of technological building blocks such as:

  • Placement of power chips on organic substrates
  • Power chip wiring (thick wire > 125µ) on a dissipating substrate (thin film ceramic substrate, DBC or SMI)
  • Combined chip/SMD placement and placement of power chips and digital chips on a single substrate
  • Mixed brazing (chip/SMD) in vacuum oven or reflow oven