Sealing and hermeticity

High reliability in severe environmental conditions (temperature range or thermal cycling, for example) imposes stringent hermeticity requirements in order to avoid even the slightest corrosion, degassing or trace of humidity. For that reason, most of our components are delivered with hermetic sealing, regardless of whether they are ceramic or metallic packages

They are sealed using various techniques adapted to electronic components and the shape and material of the packages, including:

  • Gold/tin seal
  • Bonded lids
  • Sealed lids with control dial
  • Electrical sealing

SERMA Microelectronics also offers non-hermetic solutions which protect the chips and components using resin or gel, or simply by bonding of the lid.

These technological building blocks (choice of resins and gels, thickness of deposits, polymerisation time, reliability of bonding after protection, etc.) all form part of our critical expertise and are controlled via qualification test campaigns conducted in partnership with SERMA Technologies.
Since each case is specific, the technological building block is specifically adapted: tooling with a frame, programming of the syringe, thickness of deposits.