Development cycle

SERMA Microelectronics allocates a team of Engineers and Technicians to the project, tasked with the challenge of putting together the product design dossier.

The development cycle is based on SERMA standards and includes reviews to monitor the state-of-progress and implementation of the chosen solutions.

In line with the SERMA Microelectronics business model, Engineering is understood to refer to the overall production process: SERMA Microelectronics supports its customers in the packaging phase, based on the design data provided by the customer (block diagram, electronic schematic diagram with parts list if available, mechanical and thermal requirements, reliability requirements, etc.), and helps them fine-tune a stable, repetitive and competitive manufacturing process.

Whether the item in question is a component (a chip in a package) or a more complex product (a module combining several types of technology, for example), the V-Model takes the following form:

The progress reviews (from the KOM to final CDR/FAI) are led by the Project Manager, who is responsible for guaranteeing that the first article is compliant with the requirements specified by the customer, and for keeping to the project schedule.

He uses the project management tools deployed within SERMA, audited for the execution of computer-based engineering projects. Throughout the entire duration of the project, s/he provides structuring information such as the state-of-progress, status of deliverables, risk analyses and opportunities, list of open/closed actions, initial and reviewed schedule and project events.

A variety of peer reviews can be conducted, based on the expertise to which SERMA has access in-house, in particular as regards simulations, the merit of technological choices and qualification of process building blocks. SERMA Microelectronics has the skills and resources to design product sequencing (package, interconnection, substrate dimensions, block diagram partitioning). Depending on the complexity, a simulation and/or mock-up phase will be included.