3D modules

Sensors need to be ever more accurate, reliable, effective and small. One solution is to integrate the physical sensor with its electronic component (control, filtering, digitalisation, wired or wireless communication).

SERMA Microelectronics offers various solutions to the issue of how to integrate chips and components in a small, restricted space.

In addition, environmental constraints often require hermetic sealing (as regards the electronic components) and measuring devices (as regards the physical sensor).

This internal sequencing can become highly complex and requires a combination of several technological building blocks, such as:

  • Mixed placement/wiring of chips/components
  • 3D interconnection between different substrates or PCBs
  • Internal protection via the application of gel or resin or via inerting (nitrogen, Argon, vacuum) and hermeticity
  • Bonding of a quartz or glass window
  • Slow polymerisation
  • Dynamic adjustment