Thin-film substrates

Through its subsidiary Thin Film Products, french leader in the fabrication of Microwave circuits in thin film technology for mainly space, telecom, defense and civil applications, SERMA Microelectronics provides integrated offers in conception and production of microwave hybrids sub-assemblies on thin film substrates.

We offer an extended range of services thanks to the development of a complete tool: from the substrates supply to the delivery of the circuit.

  • Laser drilling and cutting
  • Vaccum deposition (PVD)
  • Electrolytic plating
  • Phytolitography/chemical etching of patterns and resistance integration
  • Thin film resistances ajustment
  • Diamond saw cutting

In addition to its production activity, Thin Film Products supports its customers in the development of new products and technologies.

In particular, we prodive a fast prototyping service and are able, upon receipt of the fabrication files, to produce and deliver the circuits in a week.