Components and obsolescence


Component assembly constitutes the core business of SERMA Microelectronics.
The offer covers all types of packages (mainly hermetic) and chips
(analogue, digital, power).

Each year we deliver thousands of components installed on satellites, airborne devices (civil aviation, missiles, UAVs, etc.) and implanted medical devices. Our services range from the cutting of wafers to screening, and are performed to the most stringent standards (ESCC, MIL), with full responsibility for the procurement and quality of packages.

Components are tested electrically according to a test plan approved by our customers and performed on a generic test bench (VERIGY, MUTEST, etc.) or a specially designed bench based on control software and boards such as National Instruments or custom.

Component obsolescence:

SERMA Microelectronics addresses the issue of component obsolescence as part of an overall SERMA offer and provides services in the following areas:

  • Purchase and storage of residual wafers with assembly when needed
  • Removal of chips from existing components (decapsulation)
  • Identical assembly of the package ordered, with equivalent chips or chips removed from other components (hermetic or plastic packages)