Thin Film Products joins SERMA Microelectronics
Jan 21

Maxence LEVEQUE and Mr and Mrs MECA

Thin Film Products joins
SERMA Microelectronics

December 22, 2020 – SERMA Microelectronics, a subsidiary of SERMA Group, finalised the purchase of TFP (THIN FILM PRODUCTS), the French leader in the manufacturing of thin-film microwave circuits for space, military and civil applications.

This acquisition broadens SERMA Microelectronics’ expertise in the production of ceramic electronic circuits, adding thin-film technology to thick-film technology already mastered by the company. It also reinforces SERMA Microelectronics’ strategic positioning as a strategic player in the French defense industrial base.
The synergy and complementarities between the two companies shall allow SERMA Microelectronics to propose new global offers in the design and production of microwave hybrid subassemblies on thin-film substrates. Moreover, this acquisition completes SERMA Microelectronics’ industrial set-up with a new site near Toulouse, which is an important area of activity in the space sector.

“SERMA Microelectronics is very excited about the integration of TFP. The thin-film technology fits perfectly in our development strategy: it allows us to strengthen our position in the integration of RF/HF microelectronic functions for stringent environment, but also to secure on the long term the excellence of this French industry related to the production of high added value circuits developed so far by Mr MECA at TFP, whom I thank warmly for his support in this transition phase” said Maxence LEVEQUE, CEO of SERMA Microelectronics.

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