The launch of the SVOM satellite marks another success for SERMA group
Jun 24

This Franco-Chinese satellite was launched on Saturday 22 June from the Xichang space base in China.

Its mission? To observe gamma-ray bursts, luminous phenomena that have been illuminating the Universe for 50 years. These flashes of light have such intense energy that they can travel billions of light years.

This is another victory for the SERMA teams, who played a key role in the development of this satellite by manufacturing the on-board components. This long-term project required more than four years of manufacturing and validation before the components could be integrated into SVOM.

SERMA Microelectronics designed, routed and manufactured the thick-film substrates for the final gamma-ray sensor at our production sites in Les Ulis and La Rochelle, in order to meet the requirements of the CEA IRFU in Saclay. We then implemented special processes for flex transfer, flex/ceramic bonding and SMD component transfer.

This project also mobilised the skills of SERMA Technologies, which carried out the construction analysis on EM wiring assembly before the complete manufacture of the FM module.

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