SERMA Microelectronics opened an assembly line of RF dies in plastic QFN
Jul 20

SERMA Microelectronics opened an assembly line of RF dies in plastic QFN. The only French subcontracted assembly line, based in La Rochelle

The assembly of dies in QFN or BGA plastic packages has over the years become a standard in the electronics industry. However, access to these manufacturing lines massively established in Asia is complicated if not impossible in the context of custom products in small or medium volumes.

In 2020, SERMA MICROELECTRONICS deployed an assembly line of plastic QFN packages in its clean room in La Rochelle. We are able to provide the definition of the processes fitted to the technologies to be assembled and the required mission profile, the die attach, wirebonding and molding of chips in order to deliver finished components assembled in QFN and delivered in JEDEC trays. Through SERMA Group, we can also provide electrical tests, reliability testing and product qualification according to standards adapted to your markets.

Working from open tool lead-frames, we offer QFN32 to 64 as standard and can develop specific lead-frames adapted to your functional and thermomechanical performance constraints.

This kind of small packages is very suitable for RF chips, in GaAs, GaN, or SiGe technology. SERMA MICROELECTRONICS masters the processes of wafer sawing, handling and inspection of these technologies, die attach by gluing, brazing or silver sintering, as well as the wirebonding of these. Then the new molding process is added to the historical know-how on the hermetic encapsulation of these products, in order to cover all the assembly needs of the industry.

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